The digital marketplace for real estate investments and asset managers

Real estate investments have been....

in large investment
lot sizes
expensive due to tax, funding, and advisory costs
management / maintenance heavy

The Idea

RTX 21 is a digital property trading platform connecting global investors with local real estate operators on a single-asset investment basis.

We enable investors to move from top down portfolio-based strategies towards direct investment opportunities as well as personalized lot sizes.

We aim to digitalize the whole real estate value chain in order for all real estate workstreams to become transparent, efficient and cost-saving.

Tokenization of Property

Tokenization of property ownership will generate high liquidity and information symmetry within its primary and secondary market.

Digital marketplace

Effectively, RTX 21 represents a digital land register enabling transactions without recurring transaction costs (i.e. transfer tax and legal costs).

Ultimately, RTX 21 is the digital marketplace used by private & institutional investors and will digitalize the full value chain for real estate investments.

Secondary trading market

As a first, RTX 21 will allow investors to quickly sell their own real estate investments on a secondary trading market.


Advantages for Sponsors

Access to as yet untapped investors universe
  • Reduced dependence on limited range of equity investors
  • Sponsors benefit from a diverse and direct global investor spectrum
De-risking of capital structure due to partial exit
  • Sponsors de-risk investments by partial sale of their property without real estate transfer tax
  • Sponsors still benefit from managing the property
Maximize property value
  • Optimal match of real estate supply (sponsors) and demand (investors) to achieve maximum valuation
  • Through matching and peer-to-peer transacting between sponsors and investors intermediaries become obsolete
Transform illiquid property into liquid securities
  • Securitization of properties on the platform enables tradability of partial ownership
  • Tradability of partial ownership at low marginal costs
Efficient monitoring
  • Wide range of tools for sponsors to monitor their investments and control their property-related costs
  • Platform’s secondary market enables access to real-time market prices for properties

Advantages for Investors

Free & transparent choice between various investment projects
  • Investors can choose freely between a vast variety of pre-vetted properties and invest on a deal by deal basis
  • Platform provides investors with details about the project and the respective parameters
Peer-to-peer investment, no loss of return caused by intermediaries
  • No unnecessary fees: No agio fund management and broker fee (etc.)
  • Higher returns due to few intermediaries and lower direct costs
  • Sponsor has a minimum co-investment in order to guarantee alignment of interests
Customizable investments according to specific risk profiles and desired investment volume
  • Offering of different investment opportunities according to risk profile and investment horizon
  • Blockchain-based token technology provides secure trading
  • Small minimum ticket size allows retail investors to invest
Enhanced liquidity provided by secondary market trading place
  • Offers easy and cost-efficient way to invest in real estate
  • Due to platform’s secondary market place offering tradability investors have the opportunity to enter and exit an investment
  • Adjusted user interface for institutional investors

Why Blockchain?


RTX 21 pushes the real estate market to become truly peer-to-peer. The transition from a centralized system to a decentralized one must be smooth to mitigate implementation risks. The platform allows two parties to make a deal without the intermediation of a third party.

Faster Transactions

RTX 21 reduces external intermediaries by including them into the network or assuming their functions such as listings, document flow and payments. Standard real estate transactions take several months. An RTX 21 transaction can take less than 10 minutes.

Lower Costs

RTX 21 has the potential to greatly reduce transaction costs by eliminating third-party intermediaries and public charges for exchanging assets


Real estate owners get access to both fiat and cryptocurrency investors without traditional cross-country boundaries, which highly speeds up the property sales process. Property-specific token holders can trade them in the secondary market within the RTX 21 platform.


Fractional ownership enables purchasing real estate with a smaller ticket. Property-specific tokens are customized for each property and jurisdiction. Sponsors receive a flexible sales instrument, and investors can choose from a wide variety of real estate opportunities without traditional cross-country boundaries.


Ownership and transaction data is accessible to all peers on the network. It is stored in the distributed web and hashes are recorded to the blockchain. The distributed consensus is achieved via a proof-of-stake algorithm: sponsors and investors are empowered with control of their information and have more confidence in conducting transactions.

Current Investment Options


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About RTX 21

Investors deposit FIAT currency into their wallets online and receive RTX payment coins

Investors invest RTX payment coin into different single-asset based property tokens

Investors can trade their tokens on blockchain-enabled secondary markets. Allows safe, transparent and liquid trading of real estate

Sponsors launch their properties on the platform, RTX 21 securitizes real estate ownership into tokens

RTX 21 offers tokens of investments on the platform and sells them as profit participations to investors

Once listed, RTX 21 offers auxiliary services like investment controlling tools and access to a database for real estate related information


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Ekaterina Bozoukova

Chief Operations Officer

Thomas Vorlaufer

Chief Product Officer

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